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For many years I have watched the car building and modifying shows on TV and YouTube. I finally had to stop watching because I couldn't believe the amount of misinformation and shoddy workmanship that was being put out to the people that were hungry for this information. Since I retired in 2010 I have had the opportunity to attend many car shows (selling the HenRob welding torch) across the US and attending workshops in California. At almost all of the gatherings I have attended, I have been asked if I would teach either metal shaping or oxy acetylene welding of steel or aluminum. Well now I have bit the bullet and am opening my shop to give you the opportunity to learn what I have learned from some of the best metal men and fabricators in the world.

Men like the late Phil Remington who worked for Carroll Shelby and then Dan Gurney until his recent death.

George Boshkoff the fabricator who put the first V8 in a Sunbeam (which became the Tiger) for the Roots Group of England while working at Shelby's.

John Olson (who taught me how to weld aluminum with oxy acetylene) who was brought over from England by Shelby to build the Daytona Coupe.

And Bob Guterez (who taught me how to TIG weld aluminum, 4130, and Magnesium) who worked at STP building Indy Cars for drivers such as Mario Andretti, Sam Posey, and Art Pollard. I was Sam Posey's Mechanic.

So if you are interested in the art of Metal Shaping and welding with oxy acetylene, and want to get off on the right foot, give me a call and we'll set up a date for joining one of the classes held the first and third weekend of each month.

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